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Greenville Land Surveying is a full-service land surveying company serving Greenville and the surrounding areas of South Carolina. We’re here for all of your needs for Greenville SC surveyors, whatever your project may be. We pride ourselves on our experience, high quality service, and our commitment to our clients. We enjoy working with clients of all types throughout the Greenville communities, and appreciate that our extensive work has allowed us to serve and build relationships with the greater business and community network. We’re absolutely committed to the satisfaction of our clients, by producing the most accurate surveys at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking to buy a house, have recently bought a property, or you’re in one of many property-oriented businesses, we’ve got the expertise to handle your project swiftly and effectively.   


Photo of a tripod set up to produce a land survey of a golf course
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Land surveys or property surveys Greenville SC are very commonly needed for many reasons: new commercial businesses, boundary line stakes, fence construction, driveway construction, etc. Obtaining a survey is a vital piece of the puzzle when putting together plans for construction, purchase, or selling. Land surveys explain exactly where the property lines are, and clearly state what portion of land belongs to whom, which provides a high level of protection when selling, constructing on, or buying real estate. Real estate transactions can be stressful and complicated as is, so the last thing you want is to further complicate things by not knowing the exact locations of your property. Land surveys can prevent problems such as misplaced driveways, pool boundaries over the property line, improper fence construction, issues with the new deck. Some of these issues can be catastrophic if caused by the lack of a land survey. Our surveyors in Greenville SC are essential to the safe buying and selling of real estate in the area.  

Over the years, surveys can become old and outdated. If you have a property survey of your home and land, and you obtained it when you bought the house 15 years ago, things could have changed significantly since then. Construction, addons, little tweaks here and there can alter things, which ensure that a new property survey is needed to remain up to date on the property. Often times we hear of people wanting to avoid getting a land survey due to the cost, but in all reality, obtaining a survey can save you far more than it costs by helping you to avoid problems during the sale. Real estate agents and sellers are more concerned about completing the sale than taking precautions against future issues, so it is in the buyer’s best interest to schedule a land survey, and use that document as a bargaining chip during the close of the sale. Getting a property survey Greenville SC can also reveal important information regarding the land boundaries that can be vital to know ahead of time. Moving forward with obtaining a land survey can prevent issues from occurring in the future that can damage the value of the property.   

We know you have many options when it comes to surveyors Greenville SC, so we fully appreciate your interest in utilizing our services. Our company employs state of the art technology to provide our clients with complete and accurate surveys. It’s important to us to provide our clients with the most up to date services, so when we carry out our surveys, we can be confident that we have the best information available. Our skilled team is focused on helping each and every one of our clients secure the official documents they need to move forward with a sale in an educated and thorough manner. We strive to provide work of the very highest quality and efficiency, which we believe is the key to maintaining relationships with people for years to come. If you’re considering land surveying Greenville SC, we’re the company for the job.  

It’s absolutely vital to protect yourself from potential issues, disputes, and problems that can occur during pool installations, fence buildouts, new property purchases, concrete driveway pours, etc. If it turns out that the new concrete driveway is across the line, and that could have been avoided with a land survey, it may have to be removed and redone. If the pool installation is too close or inhibits the neighbor’s property, you may have to look into purchasing a portion of their land that the pool sits on. In addition, when you buy a property and obtain the owner’s title insurance on it, the title company will protect you from any problems that are made known through a survey. In the end, there are countless reasons that land surveys and property surveys have been around for almost all of time. It will always be important to establish legal boundaries of a property, to pinpoint the proximity to neighbors, to propose new construction, to maintain property codes, amongst hundreds more. Before any of these situations occur, to some people it may seem superfluous to research surveyors Greenville SC, but we’ve seen hundreds of scenarios that have highly benefited from this preventative measure, and in turn have also seen situations that would have been thousands of dollars better off, had they taken this step in the beginning.  

As far as Greenville SC land surveyors go, the professionals at our business are ready and able to tackle any project you may have, and have the experience and skill to provide the most thorough records. We love what we do, and we take great pride in serving the great people of Greenville, South Carolina. Our high level of customer service is testament to the fact that we value our clients above all else. Although we work with land and property day in and day out, it’s the people behind those properties that matter. When it comes to our clients, we will make use of every tool, technology, and advancement available to provide you with the information you need to be successful with your property. We consistently provide top tier service and work for our clients, and we do our best to maintain the most competitive pricing on the market.   

We’re dedicated to our work, and we will strive to help you complete your project on budget, in a timely manner. We know your time is important, which is why we work to make your survey as easy and quick as possible. Land surveying Greenville SC is a highly skilled, detail-oriented job, and our business is up to the task. In some ways, land surveying is like an art, an art combined with the science of graphing and mapping to provide a comprehensive document that provides through information on a plot of property. Call today to schedule your land survey or to receive a quote on your project. We are a full service surveyor firm in Greenville, SC, and we’re ready to help you on your real estate endeavor.